How to plan, create and deliver a digital marketing campaign that gets results.! You’ll gain key insights into the impact of digital on customer behavior, and how you can best manage the delivery, tracking and evaluation of successful campaigns in digital marketing diploma.


Develop a framework for planning a digital marketing strategy and Understand the impact of digital on customer behaviour, targeting and tracking and Evaluate existing and emerging channels and tools, Build and maintain relationships on and offline and Manage a campaign from development to roll out and from tracking to evaluation


  • Module 1 : Digital Marketing Diploma Introduction

    • The Digital Age Vs. Old-Fashioned Marketing Practices
    • Digital Marketing Major concepts
    • How to set up your business in the digital sphere?
    • Social Media Marketing & Engagement
    • What’s content? How content marketing contributes to any brand success?
    • What’s Search Engine Optimization and how it affects your digital marketing effort?
    • Introduction to Email Marketing and where it stands in the purchasing funnel?
    • What is Digital Marketing Measurement Strategy? How to implement an efficient one?

    Module 2 : Content Creation & Optimization – SEO

    • Setting up your Marketing Objectives & Measurement Plan your Business Website Must-haves
    • Audience Structuring & Persona Building
    • Manage your Website Content Dos & Don’ts
    • Implementing an SEO Strategy to easily get found
    • Website SEO Assessment & Competition Analysis
    • Keyword Research & Analysis
    • Link building & Content Optimization
    • On-Page SEO Vs. Off-Page SEO
    • Software to automate the process of SEO
    • Measurement Strategy and Iteration
    • Case Studies and success stories

    Module 3 : Copywriting & Blogging

    • What is Content Marketing?
    • The role of content marketing in a multi-channel marketing world
    • Understanding your business objectives for content marketing
    • Identifying key user journeys and touch points, and creating compelling content for your target segments at the right time and right place.
    • Brand storytelling – the role of branding and the concept of storytelling
    • Integrated marketing approach for distributing content across digital media channels.
    • Measuring success – analytics and KPIs
    • Content Marketing Role in SEO and PR
    • Inspirational Content Marketing case studies

    Module 4 : Social Media Marketing 

    • Introduction to Social Media Platforms
    • How to choose the best Social Media Mix For Your Business (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram)
    • Setting up the Social Assets & Strategy Setting
    • Audience Segmentation Strategies
    • Content Creation & Distribution
    • Digital Engagement & Channels Moderation
    • Email Marketing Essentials and its role in the overall Digital Marketing Mix
    • The Dos & Don’ts of a perfect Email Shot
    • Writing Styles and how to ensure an increasing open rate?
    • What are the Email Campaign metrics to look after?
    • Case Studies and success stories

    Module 5 : Digital Advertising & Media Buying. 

    • Overview of Digital Advertising industry and its key players
    • What are the common goals of digital advertising? Touching on the concepts of conversion, lead generation and Engagement
    • Google Adwords and account setting
    • Google Campaign Structure & Best Practices
    • Ad Sizes & how to perfectly write a great ad copy?
    • Display Vs Search Ad Campaigns
    • Optimization Techniques For Google Advertising Campaigns & How to Measure Campaign Performance?
    • Introduction To Social Media Advertising
    • Facebook Campaign and Ads Manager Structure (Power Editor)
    • Different Types of FB Campaigns and How to set up your first campaign
    • Determining Audience segments by demographics and interests
    • Reporting Campaign performance and Metrics to assess marketing objectives
    • Introduction to LinkedIn Advertising
    • LinkedIn Campaign Set up and Targeting Techniques
    • Twitter Advertising & Marketing Tactics
    • Setting up Twitter advertising campaign and Optimisation tactics
    • Introduction to Re-targeting Tactics in the digital Advertising World (Remarketing)
    • A/B Testing in the digital and how split testing works
    • How to create landing pages that converts?

    Module 6:  Digital Analytics & Measurement

    • Introduction: Why Marketing Analytics is Important to measure your business success
    • How to Measure Websites performance & Landing Pages
    • Metrics to measure your Social Media Marketing performance
    • What to keep in mind you’re assessing your SEO efforts?
    • How to Use Google Analytics to assess your social media effort?
    • How to set Goals and conversion on Google Analytics?
    • Advanced Google Analytics tactics to gauge SMM, PPC and Email Marketing

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